First ever “virtual” Jersey Shore Arts Center performance (on Facebook LIVE)

12May 2020

Dromio Players is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Presenting two original ten-minute plays:
FREE LIVE on Online This Thursday 5/14 at 7pm
JSAC’s first virtual play done over Zoom with Dromio Players, a local theater group who has been performing in our Herbst Theater in the past is volunteering their time online to put on a LIVE performance on Facebook live
(on the Jersey Shore Arts Center page.)
This particular show has 2 independent plays brought live “on stage” with a brief intermission in between to do Q&A and introductions of the actors.
First play, “The Valor of My Tongue”. It is a metaplay, written and directed by Sheila Duane, about the day Macbeth meets the woman who will become his undoing, Lady Macbeth. Starring AJ Melnick as General Macbeth and
Renee Panagos as Ingen (Lady Macbeth)
Second play, “Wanna Sing the Blues” also written and directed by Sheila Duane is the story of a young southern belle, Kitty Greene, who (like most people at one time or another) falls in love with a lothario saxophone player. Kitty seeks the assistance of Papa A, a man who was once the most famous Bluesman in Mississippi. And Papa A teaches her to sing the blues!
“Wanna Sing the Blues” also stars AJ Melnick as ‘Papa A’ Cosmo Abraham
and Renee Panagos as Miss Kitty Greene.
Both plays are 10 minutes and will be shown live on Facebook with a brief 10 minute Q & A will follow each performance. These performances are available on Jersey Shore Arts Center’s Youtube channel for viewing after 5/14.
As part of Jersey Shore Arts Center’s ongoing mission to support local artists and local arts programs to the Jersey Shore Communities.
ALSO…Our JSAC COVID-19 GE Fund Drive continues until May 14! The performance is free – we encourage those who watch our event online to help us continue our endeavors to support local artists, performers, artisans and arts educators.
Click here to donate there’s still time to support and this information:
There are other ways to support us:
  • Support/Promote our JSAC Residents and their programs. See our link here to learn about all that they offer.
  • Participate/Support/Promote our upcoming “Run for the Arts” 5K September 26, 2020
  • Support/Promote JSAC events through corporate and company sponsorships (printed programs, social media, and website link backs)
  • Purchase goods through AmazonSmiles: Ocean Grove Historic Preservation Society. Percentage of sales goes towards our mission.
  • Ask your employer to match your donation amount in Gofundme.
  • Volunteer for events and building projects, we can always use the extra hands and feet.
  • Take a tour of our building and make an on-the-spot donation, contact to schedule after restrictions are lifted.
  • Rent our venue and studio spaces in our building. Revenues go toward our general expenses.
Thank you for being a part of the Jersey Shore Arts Center Team.
Hope you are healthy and safe.
Nichole Nappi
Executive Director
Jersey Shore Arts Center

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