About Drive Thru Graduation

    As we approach Graduation season for our seniors, 8th graders and those graduating to middle school, we are faced with the dilemma of social distancing. These graduation memories are ones that we carry through life and we should not let our current situation deprive our children or parents of these significant milestones.
    Chuck Dashiell & Jim Rossiter have each been in business for many years. Chuck is a seasoned Event Planner with 35 years of outdoor event experience and is the creative mind behind Drive-Thru Graduation NJTM. Jim is the owner of Westfield Audio Visual Inc. and has been in business nearly 20 years here in New Jersey. His clients include our very own NJ Devils professional hockey team, along with many other organizations both LARGE and small. References are available for either company should they be requested.

    Drive Thru Graduation

    When YOU and the WORLD are Ready!!

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